standing on the precipice

This woman!!! ❤ Sharing because someone may need to hear. I listened. 🙂



Do you ever find yourself there, standing on the precipice and it would just take one small step backwards….Something has brought you to this point, a broken dream, bad news, disillusionment about how you thought you life would be…or maybe the joy has left….whatever the reason, there we stand each with a choice to step or stay.

I find myself here to often.  I close my eyes and prepare myself, thinking over all the reasons why I shouldn’t take that one step to finality.  My greatest blessing was giving birth to my daughter 9 years ago, but the toll it has taken on my body since and has added to my brokeness.  It’s not her fault and I have no regrets and not all things I have gone through are a result of that but since then the pain, the medical procedures along with all my other dysfunctional luggage has…

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