The Vordun Museum and Gallery


In the interest of seeing new things in SecondLife, today I chose to log in at one of the destinations suggested at the log in screen. I was pleasantly surprised!


As you enter you are given a HUD for the gallery’s main exhibit, European Masters – 300 years of paintings.


As you browse the paintings, you may use the HUD for audio of each painting. The audio contains a description of the painting and some interesting history of each one.

The second exhibit, Lip Service, features works from SecondLife resident Celeste Forwzy.


It runs from July 16 – September 9. Outstanding watercolors! See more of Celsete’s creations at her store Can’t Even. Check out her blog and Flikr as well! Flikr:  Blog:


The third exhibit, A Night to Remember, is a Titanic experience featuring replica items from the RMS Titanic and that fateful night.


This limited time exhibit ends October 9. As you enter the exhibit, you are given a ticket with the name of a passenger. At the end, you will find a list of all the names of the passengers and crew of the ship. Emery Milneaux is the curator of this exhibit. You may know him better as the creator of Coffee Grounds (2009), gift shop, Commoner (2011) and more recently co-owner of The Arcade.


There is also a gift shop where you can pick up keepsakes and memorabilia from your visit!


I got a t-shirt and my very own RMS Titanic for display. 😀

Go check them out here!!




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